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In the following article, we all know some foods which will be kept for several years without spoiling, but with conditions.

Many foods aren't suitable for eating after the passage of days of their purchase, and in contrast, some foods will remain for thousands of years without being damaged, if they're stored within the correct methods.

We know the foremost importance of those foods and their storage guidelines to make sure that they're preserved as long as possible.


Because of the low tide content in honey, and therefore the high level of sugar in it, it remains for thousands of years fit use, because this property prevents the expansion of bacteria inside it.

We remember in 2015 when scientists found honey samples that weren't rotten in Egypt, and whose existence dates back 3,000 years.

The only change which will affect honey is that it can become more coherent over time, and this will be overcome by heating it a touch.


Vinegar remains usable for extended life, thanks to the high acid content in it, and thus bacteria cannot reproduce inside it.

You may notice some deposits in vinegar after an extended time, but this doesn't mean that it's not usable.

the salt

If salt is stored during a place free from moisture, it'll make sure that it remains undamaged for thousands of years.

This applies to common salt, and salt-treated with iodine will spoil after 5 years at the most.


It is not only the sugar that lasts for an extended time but also the foods to which it's added, like jam, as its life becomes longer because sugar helps to get rid of water from foods.

It is also required that you simply put sugar in an airtight container until it remains for several years.

Dried legumes

It can keep dried legumes for long years, when drying, the share of sugars increases and therefore the number of water decreases, therefore the bacteria don't grow and don't spoil.

To ensure that dried legumes are preserved for long periods, they need to be placed during a dry place with no moisture and also placed in airtight containers so that air doesn't leak into them.

Raw chocolate

What is meant by black chocolate to which milk wasn't added?

Adding milk contributes to speeding up its spoilage process.

It is worth noting that this chocolate can last for quite two years if it's placed during a dry place.

White Rice

White rice is during an ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the foods that are consumable for up to thirty years as long because it is kept in a coldness "less than 3 degrees Celsius" and stored in oxygen-free containers.

This applies to polished rice only, as rice spoil quickly and doesn't last quite six months because it contains natural oils.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce spoilage varies consistent with the additives that are placed in it for every food brand you serve.

But generally, soy remains suitable for prolonged use even after its bottle is opened, as long because it is placed within the refrigerator.

Powdered milk

Although liquid milk is more beneficial, dry milk features a long life than liquid.

It is dried, so it is often kept for long periods, because it is straightforward to store, and it's best to place it within the refrigerator to make sure it's kept for an extended period.

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