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There are a group of reasons which will cause a failure of the diet, and thus must be paid attention to realize the specified leads to dieting.

Before starting a diet to reduce, it's necessary to spot the explanations which will cause failure in dieting even with its application, this helps in avoiding them and concentrate on some small things that affect burning fat.

Here are the most reasons for dieting failure.

1- Follow a really harsh diet

Many people think that the harder the diet, the more weight it'll lose, which is wrong and you ought to not follow.
As the harsh diet means eating less food, which hinders the burning of fat, the food should be distributed over 5 meals each day, provided it's healthy and doesn't cause weight gain.

Also, following a really strict diet will cause a sense of deprivation and therefore the inability to finish dieting for long periods, and thus the problem of achieving the specified goals in losing weight.

As for a healthy diet that doesn't mean denying food, it'll help in losing weight because it doesn't cause boredom.

2- Dependence on diet only

Each body differs from the opposite within the burning process, as there are bodies that burn fat very slowly, and with other factors to assist get obviate extra weight.

These factors are represented by exercise and constant movement, additionally to drinking large amounts of water throughout the day.

Do not expect that you simply will lose more weight through diet only, as this may require you for extended periods while exercising and beverage are among the foremost important factors that accelerate weight reduction.

Also, daily exercise will make sure you tighten the body and no flaps thanks to the additional weight loss.

3- Applying the dieting during a wrong way

When following a diet, you want to confirm that you simply apply it in a correct way, in terms of the quantities, types, and foods of food, as any change within the diet can affect the result.

For example, most diets require the removal of meat and chicken from fats and specify specific amounts of rice or pasta and starch generally.

And some people can't dispense with drinks that contain caffeine, which impedes the burning process, especially by adding sugar thereto.

At other times, some overlook one among the essential meals during the day, which affects the burning within the body.

Therefore, following a strict diet will assist you to achieve the simplest results during the set period of the diet.

4- Excessive free meal

There are conditions for eating a free meal, so it shouldn't exceed the permissible limit, because it necessitates not eating too many foods during it, because it'll affect the weekly goal that you simply seek to realize.

At an equivalent time, this meal is vital and it's not recommended to overlook it, because it helps to extend the burning of the body.

5- Not fixing weight

After a diet, it's advised to follow a diet to stabilize the load, which is a crucial period in order that the load doesn't return again, and later, you want to maintain a healthy diet and interest in exercise.

But if you come back to your previous way of eating unhealthy food in large quantities, you'll likely gain weight again.

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