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Swing exercise

The swing exercise helps to increase the spine gently, and increase the space between the vertebrae, and maybe a simple thanks to extending the arms, back, and legs also, and this exercise is administered by holding a high pillar, and swinging thereon for twenty seconds, and it's also indicated that the knees should be bent if the column is Low.

Spine stretching exercise

Spine stretching exercise is completed by doing the following:
Lie on the ground, then extend the legs, in order that they're shoulder-width while keeping the shoulders relaxed.
Take a deep breath, then extend the arms forward, and bend forward, trying to touch the ends of the feet, ensuring to remain during this position for 10-15 seconds.
Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

Cobra posture exercise

This exercise aims to extend the length, so it should be done and repeated 3-4 times for a period ranging between 5-30 minutes, and this exercise is administered by lying on the stomach, then leaning on both arms, and trying to boost the body up.


Swimming is one of the foremost effective ways to extend height, because the movement of hands and legs helps during this, also because it contributes to reducing the share of body fat.

Yoga exercises to extend the height

You can do some yoga exercises that help increase the peak, and therefore the exercise is completed by standing upright, while keeping the hands on each side and breathing naturally, then standing on the left leg and bending the proper leg and put it on the left knee, while trying to boost the arms above the top, Hold this position for a couple of seconds during the breathing process, which helps to strengthen the muscles and stimulate the pituitary liable for the assembly of somatotropin.

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