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Green beans are a meal rich in vitamins and minerals, and really almost like their high nutritional value, okra. What are the advantages of green beans? what's its nutritional value?

It is no secret to at least one of the various wonderful benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are eaten to your health for the benefit and benefit, and during this article, we'll learn more about the advantages of green beans and everything associated with them.

The nutritional value of green beans

Every 150 grams of canned green beans contains:

  • 28 calories.

  • 0.55 g of fat.

  • 5.66 grams of carbohydrates.

  • 2.6 grams of fiber.

  • 1.94 g of sugar.

  • 1.42 grams of protein.

  • 17 mg of calcium.

  • 1.2 mg of iron.

  • 18 mg of magnesium.

  • 30 mg of phosphorus.

  • 130 mg of potassium.

  • 24 micrograms of vitamin A.

  • 52.5 micrograms of vitamin K.

  • 32 micrograms of vitamin Bc.

Since the canned version of beans contains a high percentage of sodium, it's preferable to eat green beans fresh.

Benefits of green beans

Green beans have many important benefits, which we'll mention below:

1- Fighting cancer

Green beans contain a high percentage of chlorophyll, which can cause them to stop the influence of some carcinogens, like those formed in meat that's roasted at high temperatures.

So if you favor grilled meat that has burned a little percentage, eat some green beans alongside it to reflect the effect of carcinogens present within the burning edges of the meat.

2- Increasing fertility and strengthening pregnancy

Women of fertile age got to consume more iron-rich foods, like spinach, grains and legumes, pumpkin and green beans. This helps improve fertility.

And the consumption of vitamin C sources additionally to iron sources helps to reinforce the absorption of iron within the body. Among the sources of vitamin C are: sweet pepper, various sorts of berries, tomatoes.

Green beans also are an honest source of vitamin Bc, which the mother and her fetus need especially during pregnancy.

One cup of sliced beans contains:

  • 10% of the daily recommended serving of vitamin Bc.

  • 6% of the daily recommended serving of iron.

3- Treatment for depression

Usually, obtaining a sufficient portion of vitamin Bc helps to fight depression, as consuming vitamin Bc regularly prevents the buildup of homocysteine within the body.

The accumulation of the aforementioned substance may hinder the delivery of blood and nutrients necessary for the brain, and should also hinder the assembly of happiness hormones within the body, which help regulate sleep, mood, and appetite.

4- Bone strengthening

Not getting enough vitamin K may contribute to an increased chance of bone fractures, so it's necessary to consume sufficient amounts of it to:

  • Improve and strengthen bone structure.

  • Improve calcium absorption within the body.

  • Reducing the amounts of calcium that leave the body through urine.

Each cup of green beans contains approximately:

  • 14.4 micrograms of vitamin K, or 20% of your daily need.

  • 4% of your daily calcium requirement.

Warnings and dangers

When eating green beans, you ought to know a couple of things first which will assist you to enjoy its benefits and stand back from any risks related to it:

  • Those who take blood thinners should take care to not take large amounts of vitamin K, which plays a task in blood coagulation. Green beans are an honest source of vitamin K, in order that they should be crazy caution.

  • It is preferable to cook green beans and not eat them raw because they contain substances that will cause digestive distress and a few problems indigestion.

  • Green beans contain a selected sort of acid which will combine with some sorts of minerals and vitamins, causing it to not be properly absorbed by the body, so it's preferable to not overheat the beans.

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