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Amino acids

Amino acids are important organic compounds that contain -NH and acid -COOH, and that they contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, and there are quite 500 amino acids classified consistent with the functional structure: alpha (α-), Beta (β-), and gamma rays (γ-), and play a crucial role within the processes of nervous and vital transport, as they're considered important supplements in muscle building processes for bodybuilding purposes.

Amino acids for bodybuilding


Fat burning: it's considered one among the long-chain fatty acids, because it is oxidized to supply energy, and thus it works to burn fat, additionally thereto it reduces fatigue, that is, it helps to revive body fitness.
Increased muscle mass: increases body strength, and build strong muscles.
Bone protection: It helps all age groups, especially the elderly, and ladies after menopause to stop injury from osteoporosis, joint infections, and fractures, and bone is that the main component of muscle building and bodybuilding.
Other functions: It protects against heart condition, strengthens the system, helps in treating diabetes, epilepsy, renal disorder, and lowers cholesterol levels within the blood.


Increases performance, by increasing energy state within the body, additionally to increase body flexibility.
It helps quickly heal wounds.
It boosts the strength of the system and prevents the breakdown of the gastrointestinal system within the body.
It is found within the muscles by up to 61%, which suggests that the muscles rely heavily on them to create them.
It increases the extent of the brain and activates it.
It is often obtained from milk and its derivatives, meat, chicken, and fish.


It is an anti-oxidant and protects against diseases and free radicals.
Contributes to burning fat quickly.
It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, E, zinc, vitamin Bc and magnesium; these are major sources of body strengthening and muscle building.


It helps absorb calcium and build muscle, Putin.
It helps the body produce enzymes, hormones, and antibodies to stay the body healthy.
It helps in recovering from any sports injuries.
It helps to grow naturally and strengthen bones.


Burn fat.
It removes toxins from the body and strengthens the system.
It helps the body to grow.


It eliminates depression and thus improves performance during training for bodybuilding purposes. 


It is employed by athletes due to its strong influence on metabolic pathways.
It improves athletic performance and reduces fatigue related to it.
Increases muscle strength.
Increases wind energy, like lifting weights.

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