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Crunch exercise

The Krunch exercise is one among the well-known exercises for the abdominal muscles, during which the flatbed is laid on the rear, the feet are placed on the wall, with the knees bent, and therefore the thighs at a 90-degree angle, the abdomen muscles are tightened, then the top and shoulders are lifted from the bottom, and a deep breath is taken, then back to the bottom, Repeat the exercise, and to scale back neck fatigue, the arms are placed on the chest, instead of behind the top.

Plank exercise

The plank exercise is by lying on the bottom in order that the abdomen is to the bottom, and lifting the body from the bottom using the forearms and toes, while maintaining the straightness of the legs next to every other, to make a line within the body from the top to the feet, and therefore the shoulders are directly above the elbows while ensuring to tighten the abdominal muscles During exercise, counting five to 10 seconds, repeating the exercise 8-10 times, and therefore the exercise is often facilitated by holding the knees to the bottom.

Bottom exercise

The exercise of the lower part is by lying on the bottom, bearing in mind that the rear is straight, maintaining the integrity of the legs, placing hands on the edges, then lifting the thighs towards the chest, by bending the knees, then raising the legs up, in order that they're perpendicular to the bottom, then raise the pelvis Up to lift the body, pause for a short time, then return to the starting position.

Bike exercise

This exercise are often done by lying on the rear, placing hands behind the top, then pulling the proper foot towards the chest by bending the knee, and trying to the touch it with the elbow of the left, while maintaining body tension and balance, switching between the feet, and repeating the exercise, and may put a yoga mat, or Towel within the back if the person features a problem within the lower back.

Aspect Exercise

The Side Pull-Down exercise are often done by standing upright, opening the feet in order that they're at the shoulder width level, raising the hands to the highest of the top, then bending the left arm, pulling the elbow toward the left foot thigh with the foot, then returning them to an edge Start, switch to the opposite side, and repeat the method.

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