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Weight of the stand

The increase during a woman’s weight during pregnancy is taken into account normal, thanks to the rise within the amount of food eaten during this period, during which the pregnant woman is usually keen on eating food containing important nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and calcium, in order that the kid gains these elements necessary to create his body, As her weight continues to extend until such time as she is born, whether it's a traditional or caesarian section.

After the birth of the pregnant woman, she is going to follow a diet to reduce that guarantees her important nutrients, especially when she is breastfeeding, and she or he can practice special sports exercises that contribute to losing weight, and that we will present during this article a number of the physical exercises that a lady can enjoy after birth to return to Its normal weight.

Abdominal exercises after cesarean delivery 

  • Exercise tightening the abdominal muscles, by lying on the rear, then folding the knees, then tightening the pelvic muscles inward, also because the navel, where it's pulled up and down, this exercise will help the tissues around the wound by healing and tangle together.
  • Aerobic exercise, like brisk walking, swimming, and jogging, which helps tons in getting obviate the additional weight resulting from pregnancy, by practicing such exercises on a daily and continuous basis, especially within the first months of birth, because these exercises play an outsized role in slimming the body.
  • A hands-and-knee exercise, where one leg is stretched upward, then descended with breathing properly, and this exercise is repeated five times for 3 rounds.
  • Thigh exercise, by sleeping on the bottom, then straighten the arms on the bottom straight, in order that they're facing one another, after which one among the legs is raised and folded towards the body until it touches the bottom, and this exercise is repeated ten times for 3 rounds, it helps to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

Tips after a cesarean delivery 

  • Drink more water, because an excessive amount of water protects from constipation.
  • Persist in eating food that contains large amounts of calcium and vitamins, so as to catch up on the lost ones.
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits that improve the work of the gastrointestinal system, especially the stomach.
  • Sleeping long enough, until the body relaxes from exhaustion and pain during childbirth.
  • Moderation in eating sweets, because they pose a danger to the nursing mother if eaten during a large and continuous way.
  • Not eating heavy meals on the stomach, because the wound isn't yet healed.

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