vendredi 31 janvier 2020

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A recent study revealed that sugar has a negative effect on the brain. The study also linked the looks of disorders within the cognitive functions of the brain and high blood glucose.

Sugar causes many diseases, like obesity, a heart condition, and stroke. Recently, the results of a recent study revealed that sugar also features a negative impact on the cognitive functions of the brain, specifically the main target and method of analyzing and evaluating information within the brain.

British and Chinese researchers who supervised the study stressed that excessive consumption of sugar-filled foods and drinks can over time cause memory disorders and Alzheimer's disease, consistent with a report published by British "Diabetology".

It is believed by many whom sugar enhances brain performance and concentration. But the study, which was supported data from 5189 people of both sexes, with a mean age of 66 years, confirmed that the upper the blood sugar level, the lower the extent of cognitive functions at a faster rate, consistent with the location "Diabetology" issued by the University of Bristol in Britain.

Despite the importance of sugar to the physical body, monitoring the quantities that one consumes daily is that the best thanks to avoiding turning sugar into a deadly poison.

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