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Diet Sirtfood is one of the fashionable dieting regimes, which is legendary within the ranks of western celebrities, especially English singer Adele, who surprised the audience together with her remarkable graceful appearance, after losing about 45 kilograms of her weight. So what's the Sirtfood Diet diet, its features, and the way can we implement it ?!

Diet will tell the key of Adele's agility

After separating from her husband about 8 months ago, Adele lost 19 kilograms of weight by following a diet. As for the entire kilograms she lost since following her diet, she is going to refute to the present day, consistent with one among Adele's fans who met British singer during her vacation on Angela Island, and she or he said that she lost approximately 45 kilograms.

Sirtfood Diet: what's it?

Two nutritionists, Egogen and Glen Matin, who add a personal gym within the UK, launched a diet Sirtfood, during a book we publish in 2016. Diet Sertaud's focus is on operating a "thin gene", by eating foods rich in Sirtuin, it's a group of seven sorts of proteins found within the body, and it's been shown to perform a variety of functions, including stimulating the metabolism, reducing inflammation and longevity.

Diet will benefit and its benefits

Sirtfood regimen is characterized by its high ability to reduce, up to 7 kilograms within every week, also as burning the accumulated fat within the body. It also maintains the muscle mass within the body, by preventing it from being slightly increased. to reinforce the effectiveness of this diet, it's important to stick to get 1,000 calories daily and gradually increase the latter.

What should be eaten within the Sirtfood diet?

The Sirtfood diet is predicated on the consumption of natural vegetable compounds, which increase the extent of proteins within the body. The foods that contain these compounds are called "Certus foods", consistent with the SirtFood diet. Diet Sirtfood is allowed to drink some drinks, such as: coffee and tea (matcha). what's interesting about this diet is that it invites its followers to eat bittersweet chocolate.
As for the foods that are allowed to be eaten within the diet, it includes:

  • Berries

  • capers

  • Cabbage

  • Onions

  • parsley

  • the strawberry

  • olive oil

  • Soybeans

  • Turmeric

  • Watercress

  • Coffee

  • Matcha tea

  • Dark chocolate

You can add these ingredients to your daily meals, ensuring to stay to healthy meals, and avoid fat, salt and sugar. to scale back the sensation of hunger, you'll drink green juices rich in serine, as a snack, because it also helps in burning fat.

SirtFood Diet program

The diet will contain two phases: the primary of them lasts for seven days, and is restricted to calories, and consists of vegetable juices, while the second stage lasts for 2 weeks, and focuses on three meals and a kind of juice per day. so as to get the specified result, a diet shall be applied to a month, with a commitment to use the following:

The first three days

Commitment to consume 1000 calories; during this context, you'll eat a meal daily and drink 3 cups of green juices consisting of the aforementioned ingredients.

In the following days

The number of calories consumed increases to 1500 calories, taking care to eat two meals each day, and drink green juice twice.

In the last fortnight of the month

3 meals, drinking green juice, once each day.
In this context, meals contain protein (fish, for example), and salad rich in cabbage, soybeans, parsley and others from the above list.

Reasons for Adele losing weight

Adele confirmed that her anxiety about her health, and her fear of getting sick from obesity, which can affect her artistic career, made her believe losing weight by following a healthy lifestyle.
According to the web site "Daily Mail" and quoting sources on the brink of the singer, the key to Adele's agility is thanks to following the diet regimen, which focuses on eating vegan foods that curb appetite and stimulate the body. additionally to quitting some bad habits like smoking and alcoholic beverages. This made her lose about 35 kg.
To the Dietertude diet, Adele follows a 60-minute, daily sports program, supervised by coach Pete Gerachimo, who supervised the fitness program for superstar Davy Hasselhoff and star Kim Cattrall. This sports program is characterized by its effective ability to stimulate the metabolism process, and increase the speed of burning calories, also as body fat.

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