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Before applying the diet, you want to know the number of calories the body needs consistent with weight, fat, and age, so as to settle on the diet that's appropriate for the body.

When following a diet, it's important to think about some important things that help in choosing an acceptable diet.

The weight should be measured first to ascertain what proportion of extra fat should be eliminated, also as other considerations like age, gender, and health status.

It is through some signs that tell you that the diet is true for you otherwise you got to change it.

1- Not losing weight

If an appropriate diet is followed and adhered to, the result is often observed after the primary week has passed.

The weight also will start to decrease significantly with a regular diet for a couple of months.

But once you follow a diet that's more in calories than the body needs, otherwise you eat foods that don't help within the burning process, no result will follow from dieting, or a little percentage of weight and fat are going to be lost.

2- Weak body

Feeling tired and exhausted all the time, even with eating, could also be thanks to your body needing important nutrients that it lacks.

As dieting doesn't mean depriving the body, but the varied elements must be addressed in appropriate quantities.

And the improper dieting will cause a weak body, the tendency to laziness and lethargy, feeling headache and extreme stress.

3- Bad breath

When the body doesn't have enough glucose to urge energy, it burns stored fats instead, leading to an accumulation of acids called "ketones", and these ketones cause an unpleasant odor within the mouth, like a nail enamel remover.

People on a low-carb diet are more likely to develop bad breath.

4- Hair loss

Iron is employed to supply red blood cells that help store and carry oxygen within the blood.

And if you suffer from iron deficiency, the hair may start to fall out.

Eating foods rich in iron are important during the diet, like spinach, broccoli, lentils, red beans, and meat.

5- Digestion disorders

Eating healthy, integrated food will help improve the functions of the gastrointestinal system and metabolism, and thus burn fat.

As for following an unhealthy diet, the share of some elements will increase, and therefore the body will lack other important elements, which can affect the digestion process.

Constipation, gases and abdominal cramps can occur once you continue this wrong dieting.

6- Feeling of constant hunger

When following a healthy diet, it'll help curb appetite and not feel hungry sometimes once you aren't eating.

As for the incorrect dieting or calories but the body needs, it'll cause you to feel hungry even after eating.

7 - an excessive amount of disease

There are many foods that the body must fight diseases, like fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

And once you stop eating these different foods, your system doesn't function well, which increases your chances of developing various diseases.

8- Feeling of discomfort from the accursed

A healthy diet may be a way of life, and it shouldn't be limited to a selected time, so you ought to feel satisfied and happy while following it, but if you are feeling annoyed and upset, this suggests that you simply follow a diet that doesn't suit you.

But this doesn't mean eating unhealthy foods, because the right way of life depends on proper nutrition, with the likelihood of eating a number of favorite foods within the free meal.

9 - Difficult to use it

Dieting should be appropriate to the encompassing conditions, whether work or available foods, health status, and others.

If the precise diet is difficult to implement, and there are obstacles to its implementation, there'll be no feasible result from its followers.

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