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Are you scared of weight gain which will come automatically at the top of the year? does one wish to lose a number of your extra weight in only two weeks? prepare for the New Year with a graceful body in 14 days.

If you're one among the people that haven't yet managed to lose their extra pounds to realize one among their important goals in 2017, then this text is for you, follow the following pointers from nutritionists and you'll see the difference during a short time.

1- Eat eggs at breakfast

A high food in its protein content will leave you with a sense of satiety which will last for a comparatively long period, and eggs contain nutrients that guarantee this, and that they are:
  • Proteins.
  • B-vitamins that generate energy, especially choline, which:
  • Increases focus levels.
  • It acts as a crucial antioxidant that promotes healthy skin and protects the eyes.
  • And once you choose eggs, resort to the species that are raised to prey on natural herbs and grains, as these contain higher percentages than other omega-3 acids.

2- Get most carbohydrates today from breakfast!

Each folk needs carbohydrates to remain fully healthy and active, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you simply resort to foods that contain whole grains only, because it prepares for a few, and you forget the vegetables and fruits that are a source of carbohydrates also, so this is often rich within the following:
  • Minerals and vitamins are necessary for the body.
  • High in fiber.
  • Substances that protect from infections and usually combat it.
As for the normal sources that are considered healthy for carbohydrates, like whole grains of wheat, brown bread, and breakfast cereals, these may contribute to the emergence of chronic infections within the body, the origin of which helps to realize weight over time.

An example of an honest diet
Let us assume that you simply seek to limit your daily calorie intake to 1,800 calories. attempt to follow a diet, as we'll review below:
  • Breakfast: lettuce, cucumber, pear, watermelon juice, with two scrambled eggs and a slice of bread made with (Sprouted grains).
  • Between breakfast and lunch: sticks of miniature raw vegetables with a little bowl of hummus.
  • Lunch: chicken, soup and vegetables, Greek salad.
  • After lunch: half an avocado with tuna.
  • Dinner: fish or tofu, grilled vegetables ablaze with onions, tomatoes, and spinach.

3- Eat an apple before lunch

Try to ask yourself, what's the meal that tends to eat large quantities of food during the course of the day without the remainder of the meals? Determine this meal, eat an entire grain of fruit just before it, and choose particularly hard fruits like apples.

In a study by researchers, results showed that folks who ate an apple before lunch consumed 15% less lunch than usual.

If you favor other sorts of fruit aside from apples, like peaches, peaches or pears, you'll eat any of them also, but make certain to eat the peel, not just the pulp.

4- stand back from fizzy and sugary drinks completely

Soft drinks, or maybe people who promote sports benefits, are harmful drinks and sugars rich, even the kinds that are alleged to be designed for diet!

While studies indicate that sugar works to stimulate the brain, especially the areas of delight in it, the processed sugars especially don't provide these areas with a way of delight or pleasure, which makes those that eat them feel a desire to eat more of them.

And given the effect of those far-reaching manufactured sugars on your health, not just your weight, it's best to start out avoiding them completely from today, although it's tough, you'll feel an exquisite feeling after you get obviate your addiction to the present sort of sugars.

5- Lentil, grains, and legumes were adopted at lunch

Starchy foods are usually digested quickly and nutrients within the blood flow quickly into the bloodstream also, which causes a rapid rise in blood glucose levels and stimulates the discharge of insulin, which successively stimulates the body to store fat!

However, there's a particular sort of carbohydrates that the above process doesn't apply to and it's called Resistant starch, which is that the carbohydrates that the legumes family contains. the subsequent chain of operations occurs when eating legumes:
  • A large portion of it's not digested. Rather, it continues right down to the colon.
  • In the colon, legumes undergo a fermentation process that leads to short chains of fatty acids.
The short fatty acids create a phenomenon of a picturesque process called "the effect of the second meal", where insulin levels within the body remain in check not only after the meal, except for hours and hours after eating also.

6- Eat much magnesium

Magnesium may be a vital substance, here are a number of its benefits:

Bone and teeth strengthening.
Improve muscle function.
Promote heart health.
Promote brain health.
Strengthening the nerve connections.
Improve sleep.
Improve digestion.
Lose weight.
But these benefits can only be obtained if magnesium is crazy calcium together! this is often something that's sometimes neglected, which causes a natural imbalance. Therefore, we advise you to resort to eating a couple of nuts daily, like almonds or cashew nuts, as these nuts contain magnesium and calcium in appropriate proportions.

7- Eat more seafood

The materials liable for giving salmon, shrimp and crab are red:

It is considered one of the foremost important natural antioxidants.
It works to guard the body against harmful sun rays from the within.
Stimulates the body to consume fat as an energy source!

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