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Pet breeding is one among the foremost important concerns of the many people that find warm animals and love in small creatures, and like them for several things in their lives, and since raising cats has many lovers who care about them considerably, these people always follow methods of caring for the cat.

Because cats are a passion for several, there are people whose fear prevents them from being unable to affect them about buying them. during this regard, veterinarian Ahmed Adel talked to the seventh day a few sets of tips that have got to be known before buying a cat.
Among the foremost prominent of those tips:

1- Buy the cat when she is 4 to six months old, to form sure she will eat her own, and stand back from the elderly and his young also.

2- don't hurry to shop for a cat only after ensuring of its health and safety, by watching its eyes and ensuring it's clean, also as watching its ear and ensuring it's freed from insects, and ensuring it's ready to hear by doing any stimulus to listen to next thereto like messing up and ensuring From her ability to steer normally, measure the cleanliness of the hair by putting the hand in its fur and therefore the absence of small grains, scales or blisters, looking under the tail and ensuring that there are not any pollutants in order that they're not susceptible to diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

3- The darker the cat, the costlier it'll be. within the Egyptian and Syrian cats market, the white cat with blue eyes is named "salon cats", and it's the foremost expensive.

4 - confirm that the cat takes its first vaccination, which is at the age of three months, and is keen to possess the vaccination certificate when it's purchased, and if this certificate doesn't exist with the cat, the vaccination is going to be deducted from its price, also as getting to the cat to the doctor until he gives her vaccination.

5- Read carefully about cat types before purchasing, and choose the sort that you simply can handle.

6- Providing the "Little Wrap" for the cat for straightforward transportation and sleeping inside.
7- Prepare the sand of a granular type to be the place to eliminate the cat's need.

8- Providing a “mattress” and a shovel for cleaning, and a couple of medium-sized pottery dishes to place food and water for the cat, and pottery is suggested because it doesn't interact with eating, and is additionally not easily broken.

9- Assigning a "clipper" to a cat to permanently cut her nails, and you want to be with the doctor the primary time to trim her nails until he tells you the right way.

10- Provide small toys for the cat, like a little ball with the bell also like a bit of wool.

11- handling the cat properly by taking under consideration its fear within the first two days, and therefore the possibility of it refraining from eating and eliminating its need, also as not running towards it so as to not increase its fear.

12- Putting food during a clear place for it, and taking under consideration giving it some food within the first week, like "tuna, chicken, nesto cheese", and not giving it intent meat-like "luncheon and basterma", also as not being over-fed with milk in order that it doesn't develop diarrhea, and not excessive Also in giving her fish because it causes her hair to fall out, and it's sufficient to eat it once every week, after peeling it, and ensuring that it's freed from thorns, and don't forget to organize the "dry food" to be a food supplement with basic food.

13- Specifying a reputation for it and calling it tons, especially within the first days, and specifically when to place food for it.

14- Showering in winter is once every 3 weeks or a month, and in summer it's once hebdomadally or 10 days.

15- confirm her hair is well-styled after showering in order that the hair doesn't knot and dry it well.

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