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You will not be surprised by the rise in your weight once you eat more calories or exercise less, but you'll be surprised once you find a rise in weight and you probably did not change your lifestyle because the same calories and therefore the same effort if you're surprised we invite you to follow the article to understand the explanations for weight gain

Sleep deprivation

There are two problems associated with sleep and weight gain:
When you are awake late, it's normal for you to travel-hungry and eats snacks, which suggests more calories.
Sleep deprivation results in hormonal changes that increase your feelings of hunger and increase your appetite. once you eat, you are doing not feel full.

Stress and tension

When life’s demands become harder and our bodies survive, the strain hormone “cortisol” is liable for increasing appetite, so stress and stress become related to eating high-calorie foods, which provides a fertile environment for weight gain.

Antidepressant medications

Being overweight may be a side effect of antidepressant medication, and it occurs within the end of the day with a rate not exceeding 25% of patients. If you notice that you simply gain weight after using the medication, consult your doctor to vary the medication, but you want to know that weight gain is normal when using antidepressant medications. once you feel better your appetite increases and you begin eating foods rich in calories, and depression in itself increases your weight.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory medications like the steroid prednisone, because it is understood to cause weight gain, fluid retention, and increased appetite are the most reasons, although weight gain is common, weight gain depends on the strength of the dose and therefore the period of time of the treatment, the facial fat areas could also be concentrated And below the neck and abdomen.

Some medications cause weight gain

Psychological medications and medications wont to treat migraines, diabetes and pressure medications may cause weight gain. Consult your doctor before changing your medication.

Birth control pills and misconception

Contrary to popular belief, there's a scarcity of scientific evidence that the mixture of two substances (estrogen and progestin) may cause permanent weight gain, and it's believed that fluid retention inside the body is liable for weight gain when taking contraception pills, but this is often usually short-lived, If you're still concerned about being overweight, you'll speak to your doctor.

Hypothyroidism may be a common explanation for weight gain

The thyroid may be a butterfly-shaped gland within the front of the neck, if the thyroid doesn't secrete the hormone sufficiently then you'll feel tired, weak and cold, also as weight gain, a scarcity of hormone secretion slows the metabolism and thus increase weight Not excluded, treatment for hypothyroidism reduces weight gain.

Do not blame menopause

The lack of estrogen at time of life (the forties or fifties) isn't the rationale for weight gain, as aging delays metabolism and calorie burning and also changes in lifestyle like reducing exercise, plays an important role in increasing weight, but increasing fat around the waist Only (not the hips and thighs) could also be associated with menopause.

Cushing's syndrome may be an explanation for overweight

Weight gain is one of the foremost important symptoms in Cushing's syndrome. you're susceptible to increased secretion of the hormone cortisol, which successively results in gaining more weight and other abnormalities. an excessive amount of the hormone, or if there's a tumor, weight gain is most prominent around the face, neck, upper back, or waist.

Polycystic ovaries from the causes of weight gain

Polycystic ovaries are a standard problem in women of childbearing age, forming bags around the ovaries resulting in hormonal imbalances which can affect the cycle and should cause increased hair formation within the body also as acne, insulin is one among the hormones that are affected and therefore the body becomes immune to it which results in Being overweight, being overweight is more within the abdominal area, which puts women in danger for heart condition.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking gives you an additional kilogram of weight (4.5 kilograms on average) because without nicotine:
  • You feel hungry and eat more (and this sense disappears within several weeks).
  • Low metabolism occurs albeit you do not reduce calories.
  • You feel the sweetness of food within the mouth, which results in more foods being eaten.
  • Eat more high-sugar snacks and high-fat meals, also as alcohol.

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