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Many people link fasting and weight loss to each other. But in order to lose weight by using fasting, you must follow some tips that will ensure that you lose weight during your fasting and to the maximum extent possible in a healthy way that satisfies your hunger and thirst after a long fast.

To lose weight, you need to understand what fasting does to your body. Fasting causes a condition as if the body is starving because that is exactly what is happening. When calories are not available, your body will respond by burning spare fat and converting fat into an energy source. This does not lead to weight loss in the short term, but to the weight that returns quickly and where when you return to eating normal food, the carbohydrates that are consumed directly will be converted to fat to replace what was lost in the "starvation mode."

To lose weight while fasting, prepare yourself for it in advance
Eat smaller meals before fasting. This setting for low calories and a slow metabolism rate. Try cutting your natural rations in half. Try to skip or limit some meals. Generally, it is much easier and healthier to go without dinner than in any other meal. Limit the amount of food you eat before bed and not eat any food four hours before bed.

If you usually eat three meals a day, try to incorporate breakfast and lunch into a mid-afternoon meal.

Again, in general, it is a good idea to eat a low-calorie diet rich in whole grains, vitamins, and lean proteins.

To lose weight while fasting, choose your food
  • Reducing processed foods.
One of the best strategies for losing weight, whether you are fasting or not, is to reduce the number of processed foods. Reduce caffeine, salt, refined sugar, fried foods, and red meat. Instead, focus on eating fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts and other whole grains.

It is also important to find the calories needed for weight loss. This number varies from person to person, and a range of factors are determined, including age, height, weight, and level of exercise. Find out how many calories you should consume each day to lose weight.
  • Drink plenty of water to lose weight while fasting
Drink plenty of water. During the fasting period, water is necessary, which helps to keep you feeling full somewhat, making sure that you stay well hydrated. It is also important to add a little lemon juice to the water to add some taste and some vitamin C to the formula. This can help to maintain ion balance levels during the fasting period.

It is also common to drink sugar-free herbal tea and fruit juices while food fasting. In general, you may drink as much as you feel comfortable while food fasting.
  • Fasting and losing weight do not strain yourself too much
Do not exercise intensely while you are fasting, it is likely that your energy levels will decrease significantly during the fasting period, and you may be more likely to be tired and tired. Excessive practice can be dangerous.

  • Break your fast with this
Start breakfast with raw fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, nuts, seeds, or leafy greens. Get started slowly and easily back into it or rich foods will be a shock to your system.

If you feel dizzy, start with rich liquids. While you may be very hungry, going directly to rich foods like dairy or meat will slow metabolism.
  • Fasting and weight loss weight avoid laxatives
Avoid laxatives. Many people struggle with constipation of laxatives, and they believe that combining fasting with laxatives or enemas is a good way to "detoxify". Instead, try natural laxatives, such as yogurt or other fermented products, to get things moving. Using laxatives and fasting at the same time is a serious shock to the digestive system.

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