lundi 30 décembre 2019

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The medical "prevention" website stated that weight loss is important for men to lead a healthy and disease-free life, in addition to that weight gain not only reduces the attractiveness of a man but also an open invitation to various life-threatening diseases and among the most important problems he has:

1- Men who are overweight often suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, if these problems are not controlled and treated at the beginning leading to serious heart diseases.

2- Heart diseases: rapid heartbeat and heart attacks are common in overweight men, which makes them the leading cause of death, and makes men vulnerable to sudden and early heart attacks.

3- cancer, especially colon cancer.

4- type 2 diabetes.

5- liver problems such as an enlarged liver or fatty liver.

6- heartburn or reflux disease.

7- Arthritis: Men who are overweight have muscle problems and problems, especially in the knees, because they bear the brunt of the weight gain.

8- Sleep apnea leads to snoring and may be dangerous as the oxygen supply can be cut during sleep.

9- gallbladder disease or gallbladder stones.

10- Sex-related problems: Men who are overweight or obese generally do not have a satisfactory sexual life due to erectile dysfunction problems. Excess fat in a man’s body reduces blood flow to the penis making it difficult to obtain or maintain an erection.

11- psychological problems such as negative self-image or intense self-awareness.

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